Conventional medicine  recognizes MS as an autoimmune disorder and divides it into four types, even though the condition manifest itself variably, simply because the damage could occur anywhere in the brain and the spinal cord. If the damage affected the nerves that carry information to the sensory organs, then the result is abnormal sensations; poor vision, problem with pain..etc. If the damage occurs between the nerves that connects brain to muscles, then the result is weakness and poor coordination. And because the damage is often spotty, people can develop a uniquely abnormal patterns  of walking, standing or using their hands. 

 All autoimmune conditions share six common characteristics:

1-Mitochondria are strained, not producing enough energy and producing too much waste.

2-Immune cells are too reactive, leading to excessive inflammation throughout the body.

3-Immune cells attacks the body,especially the myelin sheath that insulates each neuron's axon.

4-Toxins stay stored in the body and low-grade infections worsen autoimmune related symptoms.

5-Low levels of vitamin D, and excessive stress hormones.

6-Imbalance in some essential nutrients; vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants.

When working with MS clients we DON'T address the symptoms directly, we address all of those characteristics on the cellular level, which leads automatically to reducing symptoms.

We approach the issue by addressing the cause, the imbalance in the seven core physiological systems of the human body, and we do that by facilitating the change of the variables of the clients lifestyle that are under her/his control.

Case 1

Mrs. A is 43 years old lady who was diagnosed with MS (primary progressive type). Here main symptoms were imbalance,  poor legs' muscles coordination, control over external urethral sphincter muscle . Her MRI showed legions in the following arias in her nervous systems:

-Corpus Collosum, some areas of Brain Stem, near-ventricle area, and near cerebellum. 

We started working with Mrs. A on the 13th of March 2015, average of a session a weak. So far,(June 10), we stopped the progression of the condition and  around 30% of her symptoms disappeared, and we are still working to get her to a full recovery.

Update: early January 2016 this lady's symptoms disappeared totally and she has been able to stand up balanced on ONE foot.

PS. all session were conducted online via skype. 

Condition 2: Multiple Sclerosis:

Case 1

Mrs W.Y. a 56 years old lady was referred to us after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Syndrome. She suffered a crippling intermittent-relapsing pain in several locations in her body, bladder abnormalities; especially urine retention to the extent that, sometime, she needed catheterization. She had also a sever hypoglycaemia. She was prescribed a bunch of drugs to help "manage" her symptoms. She told us that she does not want to spend the rest of her life depending on medicines to manage her symptoms, and asked about the possibility to help her avoiding that durgs-dependent life style.

We worked with W.Y. for around 3 months, a session a week, and now she is pain free and since we finished she never had any urine retention issue.(we will provide some more details about her case soon)

Condition 1: Fibromyalgia:

 According to the conventional medicine, the cause of fibromyalgia is unknown. there are "theories" about the cause and non of them was proven viable to be used to address the CAUSE.

As mentioned above, we address Fibromyalgia the way we address chronic diseases, taking into account our understanding of people as unique entities, no two people are identical even if they were monozygotic. 

Chronic Conditions (Diseases)

Introduction:In our work with chronic  condition (disease) (Multiple Sclerosis, Multiple System Atrophy, Parkinson's, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia…etc) we approach the issue from a Functional Hypnotherapy and Functional Medicine perspective. We deeply believe that these  conditions (diseases) stem from imbalances in the "Seven Core Physiological Systems" of the human body. And the CAUSE of the imbalance is the ENVIRONMENT in which a client puts his body and his mind in, which is a direct result of the client's LIFESTYLE. 


Some may argue that chronic  conditions (diseases) are CAUSED by the client's genes. We know that genes play a role, they provide the predisposition and they DON'T cause the manifestation of the disease, the ENVIRONMENT doe's, it either encourages  the EXPRESSION of the genes or prevents it. The ENVIRONMENT can switch a certain gene, or group of genes, ON or OFF.


Our understanding of the "Environment" is explained in the "Pillar of Our Approach" page, and ALL of those pillars are variables under our control. 

We use Functional Hypnotic intervention to:

1- Facilitate changing the "variables".

2- Facilitate plastic changes in the brain to restore the functions affected by the condition (disease).

3- Facilitate symptoms improvement that takes place automatically, in addition to addressing them directly in the hypnotic state.