There are three main surfaces through which pathogens may get into your body then initiate an immune system response; the skin 1.5 s.m., the internal surface of the respiratory tract, roughly 40 s.m. and the internal surface of the digestive tract that most medical resources estimate its area to be around 180 s.m!!! This surface is the largest and the one that few medical specialists focus on its role in sickness and health.


The immune system has LIMITED resources to fight pathogens. We should not engage these resources unnecessarily and we should save them to fighting pathogens that are difficult to control, as it is the case of the current version of Coronavirus.

Our digestive tract is that "tube" that extends from the esophagus to the anus. The surface of this tube is covered by a one-cell thick membrane. The function of this membrane is to regulate the passing of nutrients after being digested into the bloodstream. The entrance of material through this "selectively permeable" membrane, which allows ONLY selected material to pass into the bloodstream, is highly regulated.  This membrane consists of epithelial cells that are bind together by a type of connection called "tight unction."  if these tight junctions are cut then partially digested material and debris of "anything" we eat can pass into the bloodstream and then initiate an immune response, which means engaging the immune system in an avoidable "fight", and,  unnecessarily, consuming its limited resources!! This condition is called "Leaky Gut" and it is the root cause of a lot of chronic conditions.


What could we do?

Seal the gut membrane.


By avoiding the "foods" that cut through the "tight junctions"

What are these foods?

Two categories of proteins; Glutenins, and Lectins; glutenins are there in wheat, barley, and rye products, and lectins are basically in all kinds of legumes, peel and seeds of "nightshade" vegetables (tomato, eggplant, bell pepper,) and it is abundant in peanuts and cashews.)

Lectins, when cooked under pressure (in a pressure pot), are broken down to polypeptides then they lose their ability to hurt the gut membrane's 'tight junctions" and become a good source of nutrients.

glutenins keep their harmful capabilities even when cooked under pressure. Some experiments suggest that thorough fermentation can break down the gliadins (the harmful sub-category of glutenins), but I still prefer total avoidance of these products. 


AVOID any sugar added drinks or solid foods. 


Enhancing the immune system:

1- Take 50 000 to 100 000 IU of vitamin D3 for three days in a row, and after that a dose of 5000 to 10000 IU daily.

2- 500 mg of chewable VitaminC every 3 to 4 hours.

3-Make sure to get your Zink daily need (11 mg/day)


SleepGet enough night sleeping hours (8 to 9 hours a night)


Relaxation: the immune system works ideally in the relaxation state.​

Hydration and Mild Exercise: to enhance the circulation of blood and lymphatic systems fluids, so that you deliver oxygen and nutrients to your cells and remove carbon dioxide and metabolic wastes as fast as possible.

​Microbiota (gut flora; gastrointestinal tract microbes):

Gut flora plays an essential rule in health and disease. We, human beings, have developed a symbiotic relationship with them throughout our history. We can't live a healthy life without the "good" flora. We MUST feed the good microbes and deprive the "bad" ones from their food. Good flora thrives on insoluble fibers (basically from vegetables and fruits), while "bad" flora thrives on SUGAR. And it would be better of course when we support the good gut flora by eating all kinds of fermented foods (the best food is the one that we make ourselves AT HOME from scratch, from fresh ingredients) and taking supplemental Probiotics: the widest range of strains available.


In addition to taking the precautions main stream medical authorities are recomending you should "Save your Immune System Resources and enhance it to fighting the Virus" HOW?

How to be ready and survive even if you get affected