Welcome to the K.W. HypnotherapyCenter homepage. We invite you to join us in the journey to the world of freedom and self-improvement. Freedom from stress, anxiety, fears, excess weight, unwanted habit, and a lot of psychosomatic issues that we can help you with.


    Our understanding of the concept of self-improvement includes issues that are beyond the behavioral and the psychosomatic boundaries, specifically issues that are considered "medical". We address those issues from a Functional Hypnotherapy and Functional Medicine perspective, in a holistic way, and we work on those issues after making sure that we get a referral from the client's physician.

    It may sound unusual to think of "medical" issues as self-improvement issues. Yes, we believe it is unusual, and it is true. We believe that our body can heal itself when we provide it with the "right" environment (see Pillars of Our Approach  above or click here ) , and by means of "proper" suggestions while in an altered state of conscious (hypnotic state).

   We tested this understanding of recovery and health optimizing, and we got stunning positive results. We are testing it further targeting a variety of medical issues; chronic diseases in particular (Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Fibromyalgia, MSA, Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, Arthritis, Skin Ulcers ...etc.) Two examples are documented in the section of "Medical Issues" and Psoriasis Click on it and see for yourself.

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 K.W. Hypnotherapy Center  is a solution-focused Self-improvement center that adopts a holistic approach to restoring and optimizing a total healthy state of body and mind.

   We depend on the principles on which human body works in general and on the latest research in biology, neuroscience and neurogenesis in particular to restore the balance of the "seven core physiological systems" in human body and achieve healthy and permanent change.


   Through focusing  on healthy eating pattern and healthy food we help establishing the physiological basis that makes therapeutic intervention   capable of achieving the sought-after goals  and have them stay permanently .

  Healthy food and healthy eating pattern are essential factors in helping with the generation of proteins that facilitate synaptogenesis, neurogenesis and stem cell differentiation into new tissues. 

   In our work we create an "altered state of conscious" (Hypnotic state) and we apply techniques derived from  NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and behavioral science principles to create new learning.

   We help people optimize the use of their potentials, set themselves free from obstacles that prevent them from living their lives to their fullest. We use several tools to help people acquire new learning and change their life scripts.

Life script is the set of unconscious programs (believes and behavioral patterns....etc) that may limit what someone could achieve for himself .

Majed Al-Shihabi C.Ht.


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What is Hypnosis?

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​​What is Hypnosis?

     The state of hypnosis has been given a lot of definitions. This is our understanding:
     It is a state of brain activity that is normally achieved during physical sleep at the stage of the sleep cycle called REM (Rapid Eye Movement). In a hypnotic state, we get to the REM stage without physically sleeping, while awake!!   It is a state in which someone becomes hyper-suggestible. And in that state, the brain, in  CAN acquire new learning QUICKLY, EFFORTLESSLY, and only by EXPOSURE, as if it is back to, what is described in neuroscience, as the Critical Period of brain development.
    The effect of the suggestion can be classified into classes/levels  according to the directly-targeted “part” of the person:

The behavioral level:
    “Suggestible” means that the brain of the person can easily grow new neuro-pathways (groups of connections among neurons in the nervous system) for a certain behavior or response suggested by the hypnotist. When those newly established neuro-pathways (new learnings) are acquired they work involuntarily, they become operational unconsciously. The “life span” of the newly created neuro-pathways, created by the suggestions under hypnosis, vary and that depends on a lot of variables.

The body organs level:
   The suggestions, the utterances, (the verbal and the non-verbal aspects of them) delivered by the hypnotherapist hit the auditory nerve, travel through “some” neuro-pathways and “affect” the organs of the body triggering them to work in a certain way, creating a physiological change in the body.
    One of the well known physiological changes every person experience in hypnosis is the relaxation state,  which is a direct result of the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.