Pillars of Our Approach

Recovery and Health Optimizing Plan; the “Meta Model”

The Meta Model rises on the following four pillars:

1-Balanced internal physiological environment;

    Providing a complete and "SUITABLE" spectrum of nutritional needs on a daily basis:  Minerals+  Vitamins+  Amino Acids+  Essential Fatty Acids, phytonutrients and complex carbohydrates. When it comes to nutritions there is no "perfect" diet; their is no "one size fits all".

 Keeping the body well hydrated and well oxygenated.

Healthy gut flora; keeping optimal balance of the intestine microbiota.
Reduce "toxins" intake to lowest possible level, and cleanse the body (internally) regularly.

  To enable the body from synthesizing certain enzymes, hormones or neurotransmitters, proteins…etc the body needs the "right" amount of building blocks of those elements (for example the right amount of amino acids needed for the body to make right amount of a certain protein!) and we should provide the body with those amino acids through our food intake. 

    Activate the body in general (through physical exercise) and in particular activate the “Natural Internal Processes” to restore the Original Normal Balance, and specifically activate the process that would lead to the healing of the affected part of the body, and this will be done by targeting the “program” that control the process in the unconscious mind. Hypnosis is the tool that provides access to "properly" and safely activating that "program." 

There are several levels in which we could interfere, starting from the “gene
expression” (switching genes on or off!) to blocking certain receptors on a
certain group of cells membrane. 

We “Do No Harm”, and we know, and certain, that the unconscious mind is
unbelievably protective to the wellness of the human being as a whole. 

    Sleep and sleep hygiene; 3-7 full cycles of good, sound, and deep sleep.

4-External Environment

    Spiritually, emotionally and socially supportive environment.

(See how and to which extent our model of therapy identifies with the 
IFM (the Institution for Functional Medicine) model of therapy, illustrated by their Functional Medicine Tree)