“Stroke Patient’s” Recovery Model:

    This model of therapy has been developed for people whose the mobility of a part of their body was affected because of brain injury, especially people affected with stroke.

This model is based on the latest research and discoveries in Neuroscience and on the principles of Brain Plasticity.

      It is established on the following two principles:
1-New neuro-pathways to rewire muscles with the brain can be created under hypnosis.

2-Strengthening certain muscles and creating unconscious (involuntary) movement can be achieved under hypnosis.

     After establishing the “new neuro-pathways” on the unconscious level we move to “Bridging” the gab between the conscious and the unconscious processes, we move to connect the unconscious movement produced under hypnosis to the conscious mind.  We do this in “baby steps” in the conscious state. And the plan for each case is to be designed, tailor made idiosyncratically, to meet the requirements of the individual on each case in hand. 

​    We use hypnosis to rebuild the client’s “Self-Image”, to empower him/her and to keep him/her motivated. And we tackle any hurdle that may surface in the
healing journey.

Prevention of recurrence:

Along with the above mentioned procedure, recovery, we apply the whole approach of "health optimizing" to prevent the recurrence of  the condition (stroke,) which is described in the section of "pillars of our approach".

The Stroke Condition